Thursday,July 18 2019



Ramana Maharshi
Sage Sri Ramana Maharshi
The Self is pure awareness.

I am Awareness alone… Awareness alone… is the Self.

You are awareness. Awareness is another name for you.

This Awareness of the Self, free from the ego-I is the Great Tapas.

There is nothing but the one Reality which is immutable (endless), unborn (beginningless), all-pervading Awareness.

Sri Ramana Maharshi is among one of the greatest seers and sages who has walked the face of our Earth and belongs to the lineage of the great ancient Vedic Rishis like Ribbhu, Astavakra, Vasishtha and Mandukya. He clarified the doubts of aspirants of Truth - Awareness –Self for over 54 years from 1898 to 1950. Sri Ramana’s message is timeless and issues forth from his own experience and state of Self abidance that “Our true nature is Awareness-Self which transcends the states of awake, dream, sleep, creation and death.” To be and to abide as Awareness - Self is the highest purpose of our existence. This web site, as instructed by Sri Ramana is dedicated to assist seekers of Truth to find their way to Self abidance, Self Awareness and realisation of their Self.